Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I first welcome myself to the ability to add “blogging” to my to-do list. I welcome you, my reader, to my blog, and to my dream. Well, that sounds creepy…you’re not really in my dream. Ever since I was about 9, I’ve had the dream of becoming a published author, among many other things. The author part is easy. I love writing and always have. I’ve written journals, poems, stories, books, letters, and far too many lists over the years. In fact, I’m a little surprised it’s taken me this long to start a blog. What better forum for writing and sharing my every thought and whim than a blog?

Now, the publishing part is much more difficult. Much. More. Difficult. I think I’ve known my whole life that the publishing part would be hard, and maybe that’s why it’s taken me this long to really attempt it. But I’m a go-getter, not a sit-around-and-think-about-all-the-things-I-want-to-accomplish-er. In my early twenties when I decided it was a life goal of mine to run a marathon, I signed up. Without ever having trained for a single competitive race in my life. And I did it—and still do. So I’ve applied the same strategy to my writing. If I want to publish a book in my lifetime, I’d better get going. I’ve been writing “seriously” for 4 years, taking classes, attending seminars, joining SCBWI, and participating in critique groups. I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I can get my hands on, or trying to. I figure that’s the best way to succeed, and even if I don’t get published, at least I can say I tried everything I could. And I can say I had fun…because it has been lots of fun and quite an adventure already!

Which makes me just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar (a favorite children’s book of mine, and the gift I always give to brand-new babies, because every child should have this book in their life and enjoy poking their fingers through the holes in the pages). I am the Very Hungry Author…eating everything I can get my hands on, taking it all in, with the hopes of emerging as a beautiful butterfly, ahem, published author, someday.

If you came here looking for a food blog you’re in the wrong place.