Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pardon Me While I Teach

Late August/early of the busiest times in a teacher's life. A whole new batch of kids to learn their names, their quirks, their strengths & weaknesses, and the things you can use to connect to them. On top of that, the administrative duties that happen only at the beginning of the year: getting all their computer passwords set up, making sure you have enough social studies textbooks, making nametags, labeling supplies. And then there is the "training" of the kids, getting them used to your personal routines, your schedule, your preferences for where & when they turn in homework, when they can go to the bathroom, and just how much misbehavior you'll put up with (answer: none, unless they do something that truly makes me laugh). Oh--and the most important part, yet the part that ends up the afterthought to all that: teaching. Lesson plans to get the actual curriculum rolling as soon as possible because you know that come June you'll be running out of days to squeeze it all in. 

This is where I am now, one week in. A successful week so far, if you don't count the power outage and fire alarm on the first day! But, it is busy, and it is exhausting. My writing immediately took a backseat to the start of the school year. It's as it should be, seeing as I get a paycheck for teaching and writing has provided no income yet, but it is also disappointing since I had such great momentum over the summer. It just means I have to make writing a priority in my free time (like now, sitting on the couch of my in-laws' Michigan lake house listening to the waves). 

If there are any teachers out there who think writing will be a great "summer activity," think again. It's a full-time job. Sure, the summer is a great time to get big chunks of writing or research done, but if you ever want to get anywhere, not to mention if it's something you're truly passionate about, you're not going to be able to leave it alone September through June. 

So, if there are any Pitch Wars mentors reading this, fear not: If I am chosen it will be the biggest thing to happen in my writing career and I will treat it as such. 

Besides, I'm sure my in-laws will be happy to lend me some space at their lake house so I can write.


  1. Sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks (scratch that, nine months) ahead of you with school~ please know that teachers like you are SO appreciated :) And YES, I know it's going to be super hard while you're teaching, but keep writing! (and keep me updated, too!)

  2. Thanks for the support, as always!