Monday, August 18, 2014

Pitch Wars Is Here!

I am super super excited that for the first time ever I have entered Pitch Wars! If you are unfamiliar, check out what it is here. In short, it's an amazing opportunity for aspiring authors (ahem, moi) to not only get feedback on a finished manuscript from an experienced and, from what I can tell, lovely and fun mentor, but also to improve their writing and their chances at getting seen/snagged by an agent! I really hope I get picked by one of the mentors I've applied to, but even if I don't I've already learned a lot, improved my manuscript & query letter, and made connections with tons of great writing people! So, win-win.

And now, although it lacks GIFs, my Pitch Wars Mentee Bio. In other words, here's who I am and why you, my potential mentors, might like working with me. I love lists, so here is Nicole in a list, in no particular order:

1. I am a child at heart, truly. Sometimes my husband calls me "childish" but I prefer "child-like." You know, tomato/tomato...hmm, that doesn't work as well in type. One example: I love all things Disney. I seriously cannot get enough of Disneyworld. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

2. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Candy + costumes + spooky stuff = perfect!

Minions (i.e.The 4th Grade Team)

3. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Which also means I love baking cookies, pies, cakes (I make a mean chocolate souffle), and I've tried dipping pretty much everything in chocolate. Oh--and Nutella is the nectar of the gods. 

4. To make up for the sweet tooth, being active is a big part of my life. I'm a runner (2 marathons, 6 halfies, 2 triathlons, and a smattering of smaller races) and I love to dance. 

See how I combine my favorite things? 
That's me, dressed as Belle, running a halfie at Disneyworld.

5. My favorite season is fall. I'm a teacher, so back-to-school time is always fun. I think fall has the best smells: fresh school supplies being unpacked on the 1st day of school; apple cider donuts; pumpkin bread/pie/ice cream/anything; cozy fires. Mmmmm!

6. Travel is a priority. I absolutely love seeing other corners of the world and experiencing different cultures. My husband and I travelled Italy for two weeks this summer and it was the trip of a lifetime (and you better believe I had gelato every single day!) Still on the list: Thailand, Alaska, Machu Picchu, more Europe, African Safari...

7. At any given time you can find at least one children's book and one adult book on my nightstand. I love transporting myself to other worlds through reading. I also co-founded my lovely book club. Favorite middle grade book: The Giver (still debating if I'll see the movie). Favorite adult book: The Time Traveller's Wife (definitely not seeing the movie). 

8. Speaking of clubs, I'm also a member of a critique group that meets monthly. As a picture book and middle grade writer, I love that our group has every children's category represented. This group of talented women is largely responsible for improving my writing. Thanks ladies!

9. I am 100% type-A: organized, early for everything, a little neurotic, perfectionist. It makes me a bit stressed out from time to time, but also makes me a hard worker and go-getter. 

10. Which means I usually have time for an afternoon nap.

I hope that helped you to "know" me a little better. All in all, my goal with Pitch Wars is to learn, improve my writing, and meet new people in the writing world. Like I said, I already feel like those things have happened. 

But, if I am chosen by one of my mentors, I will be doing a LOT of jumping up and down, screaming, and dancing with my dog while he looks at me like I'm crazy. 



  1. Good Luck!
    Kathy M

  2. Nicole, I didn't know you lead such an action-packed life---although I did notice that you have a lot of energy. I had fun reading your pitch. If I were an agent, I would snap you up!

    1. Haha, yes I'm pretty energetic. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Linda!